About BuildingAdvice

How it all began...

BuildingAdvice was founded by John Skardon, Meindert Kleefstra and Karl Mautner in 1999 as AirAdvice. Back then, the company’s mission was to help asthmatics manage their health with real time air quality information.

In 2002, the Board recruited Jim Crowder to commercialize the patents and early models of an Asthma Detection Device. The HVAC market was targeted as the preferred channel to home owners. The technology was disruptive to the industry in that it made the invisible visible - and understandable - by consumers. It was also an order of magnitude cheaper than anything else on the market.

In 2007, the company began transitioning to the commercial market when customer research showed that building owners were more concerned with their operating (i.e energy) costs than internal air quality.

In 2008, the company released the first version of BuildingAdvice, which had a similar architecture to the original IAQ solution. They created a mesh network of wireless sensor satellite arrays to measure energy usage, and the focus was on ease of installation in order to increase HVAC sales without having to tap into engineering resources.

In 2012 AirAdvice was sold and the company became BuildingAdvice to focus 100% on driving measurable reductions of building operating costs with emphasis on energy. At this point the company began migration to REST architecture and rewrote all applications with a full focus on commercial buildings.

Product Milestones

  • 2013: Energy Star enabled benchmarking 2.0 and Energy Savings Assessment released
  • 2014: Template creation and editing using widget libraries launched
  • 2015: SavingsTracker™ our Measurement & Verification suite launched
  • 2016: Integration of Building Analytics into the platform with emphasis on forming new service based business models
  • 2017: Project Financial Analysis replaced our auditing tools to help Project Sales Reps integrate estimated energy savings into equipment and controls upgrade proposals.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to partner with the HVAC industry to measurably reducing building owners' operating costs and their buildings’ carbon emissions.

We execute this mission via an Energy Services Delivery Platform, which is comprised of technology, reporting and programs. The platform and elements of it are used by hundreds of HVAC contractors throughout North America. Our platform drives scale through software automation, built-in Artificial Intelligence, and an emphasis on using sales teams to qualify opportunities early in the sales cycle. 

Technology, reporting and programs are optimized to manage sales cost risk while accelerating pipeline formation and delivering well-qualified opportunities to higher cost technical resources. In this deterministic model, teams make rational resource investment decisions using building data to assess the nature and size of opportunities. Factors such as revenue potential, strategic value, and other market factors are also factored into the qualification process.

We are committed to continuing the transformation of the current the industry's Service Model. Continuous commissioning is now economically viable within the service model. This enables building performance optimization through access, organization and analysis of real time-data. This in turn creates new business model potential in Service Divisions. We are partnering with our customers to bring these new services to market.

Our platform continues to evolve adapting to changing technology, economics and market factors. We remain committed to playing a strategic role in the transformation of our industry.