BuildingAdvice Is the Platform That Enables Service Providers to Deliver Measurable, Differentiated Value to Building Owners

The BuildingAdvice platform efficiently collects, organizes, analyzes and publishes your customers' building data enabling you to deliver optimized building performance as your core value proposition. The platform's ability to adapt to changing environments and business challenges allows your teams to adjust their strategies to meet each set of unique requirements. Optimizing building performance balances and delivers the following measurable outcomes as determined by your customers' priorities.

  • Lower Operating Costs
  • System Reliability and Up Time
  • Occupant Comfort
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Risk Management


Because today's building owners require thoughtful engagement 


BuildingAdvice delivers accurate, insightful and scalable building intelligence specifically designed to drive service revenue growth and deeper connections with your clients, economically and at scale.



Convert Your Service Agreements From Cost Centers to Investments That Generate Measurable Returns

  • Reframe how you characterize your service offering and the measured value your company delivers
  • Building data acquisition starts early in the service sales process
  • Use the Survey stage to gather critical data to build your financial case
  • Incorporate building data into proposals to generate financial return estimates
  • Educate clients regarding your process to demonstrate your commitment to continuous improvement of the facility
  • Use SavingsTracker(TM) to track savings against targets and build credibility with your client and the local market

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Drive Equipment Upgrade Growth

  • Stop waiting for equipment failure
  • Proactively target aging, inefficient equipment and systems
  • Use our Project Financial Analysis (PFA) to to tap our proprietary library of efficiency calculations and estimate utility savings
  • Use the PFA to integrate estimated savings with financial analysis to generate proposal
  • Financial analysis includes SPB, IRR, NPV, DCF, ROI, and Cost of Doing Nothing
  • No engineers needed
  • Use SavingsTracker(TM)  to Measure and Verify results over time to build credibility

 Ultimate Goal: Capital Planning

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Grow Permanent Building Connections

Entrench yourself as a strategic adviser to your clients by incorporating continuous data analytics into your service offering. Access to deep building data analytics will:

  • Provide a layer of intelligence "above" building controls
  • Measurably reduce building operating costs
  • Drive down energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint
  • Eliminate sources of occupant complaints
  • Virtually “inspect” devices and components without costly labor
  • Optimize technician time on site to focus on real priorities
  • Make scarce expertise virtually available to field technicians

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