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HVAC Sales Pros - Help Your Schools Reopen Safely and Cost Effectively

Posted by Jim Crowder on Apr 5, 2021 5:07:17 AM

Help Your Schools Reopen Safely and Cost Effectively


Now that schools are showing signs of reopening, the challenge becomes, “How can I help schools open safely” – and ensure they have adequate ventilation, filtration, comfort, and safety? The key is balancing the need for creating a safe environment while being mindful of limited budgets.

What is the correct approach?

Right now, indoor air quality is top of mind for parents, teachers and administrators.  This is a great need for HVAC Pros to engage with prospects at middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities, to discuss the current state of their buildings and what can be done to improve indoor quality.   Improved filtration, ventilation, cleaning, and air purification will not be free – these enhancements come at a price. This opens the door to discuss reducing their total cost of operations - maintenance, capital costs, equipment lifespan, and energy. Now is the time to leverage these IAQ concerns to initiate conversations about all their HVAC costs and demonstrate to your prospects how to reduce those costs while funding improvements to air quality. By showing them how IAQ and HVAC improvements can simultaneously be safe and cost-effective, you will be addressing a real need for all stakeholders

However, to to credibly present your recommendations, you will need proof and evidence that you can effectively create a safe environment for the kids and their teachers while reducing their operation budgets. This is where BuildingAdvice can help.

What You Can Do

Start the conversation with Building Insights to highlight cost savings potential.  Building Insights for Schools illustrates  what high, medium, and low efficiency buildings consume and their energy savings potential. This opens the door to discuss how better operating mechanical systems can save operating costs and help underwrite IAQ initiatives Follow up with a Building Scorecard that highlights specific energy savings potential customized for each building. All you need is the square footage and total energy consumption for each school building to create a unique assessment and the real savings potential that is possible. Both are simple, quick, and easy to do for every prospect – and are a first step to the larger conversation.

Once a prospect is engaged, offer to conduct a BuildingAdvice IAQ Assessment - which measures filtration, ventilation, comfort, and safety using electronic sensors. This comprehensive report provides the proof you need to substantiate your recommendations, and how improved filtration and ventilation can improve building health and safety

When you couple operating cost savings potential with your recommendations to improve indoor air quality, and back it up with documentation of what is happening in their building, you have the winning formula.   Solve their IAQ problems while simultaneously helping to underwrite the project through reduced operating costs. Presenting the Administrator and the Board with a comprehensive proposal that balances lower operating costs with a healthier, safer environment that uses building data to make the case will put you at the head of the class!

How We Can Help You

We have the tools and training to help you get started. The fastest way to see results is to “Bring Us A Building” – that is, a prospective building you’ve had in your sights for a while. Or a prospect who called about indoor air quality concerns and you are looking for the right way to lead the conversation. We can work with you 1:1 to develop your approach and use our tools to prepare for your customer meeting.

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Get out there, and be safe!

Jim Crowder
CEO and President, BuildingAdvice

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