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HVAC Sales Pros: New Building Insights and Building Scorecards

Posted by Jim Crowder on Jan 18, 2021 3:00:00 AM

New Building Scorecards and Energy Insights

We're coming on strong in 2021 with  two new products for HVAC Sales Pros -- A new, faster Building Scorecard and a complete set of new Building Insights for the most common building types.    Our goal is to empower reps to improve success in starting conversations with prospects, then offer a customized Building Scorecard to identify cost-saving areas specific to each building. 

 So what's new?   They're both easier and faster.

Energy Facts - Commercial Office SNP

New Energy Insights 

Our new Building Insights are ready to go in PDF format and document 15 different building types. They are perfect to get the conversation started about building and HVAC energy consumption that leads to discussions about how your service program can save money.     Designed for busy HVAC Sales Pros, these guides fit into your binder, clipboard, or tablet and are ready for instant use.  It's designed to drive awareness and interest in moving forward in your sales process.   This opens up the opportunity to offer an Energy Building Scorecard, which is a custom benchmark for their building.

You can find these Energy Insights in the Sales Resources section when you log into your BuildingAdvice account.  


Building Energy Scorecards

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Our new Building Scorecards are vastly improved.   We've focused on the user experience to save you time and cut keystrokes.    We've automated energy cost calculations by using average energy rates by energy type per state.   All you'll need from your customer is the size of the building, the different types of energy they use, e.g. electric, gas or fuel, and the total energy cost for each.   

The Building Scorecard enables you to identify energy savings potential which can be incorporated into service and project proposals that justify customer investments.

Your customers will appreciate the Building Scorecard as it

1) Is easy to understand with large charts and graphs

2) Is customized for their specific buildings

3) They can share the report with property managers, facility managers, and building owners to justify further investigations into recommended repairs and upgrades.   Remember - there are usually three to five people involved in the decision, so the earlier you can get them involved and support your recommendations, they will buy-in sooner and approve faster once their signature is needed. 

How To Access These New Tools

To access these new tools, log into your BuildingAdvice account.  For questions please reach out to .  It's going to be a great year -- the economy is coming back, people want to get back to work, and there's tons of opportunity out there.    Get out there and sell something!

Jim Crowder, CEO

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