Transforming Building Data Into Business Value

Having spent years working with building controls and analytics, nClarity's leadership team formed the company with the mission of building a simple, practical, affordable way of bringing AI-Based Predictive Maintenance to the Mechanical Service Industry.  Using a combination of real-time monitoring, environmental data, usage and power consumption, service providers, building owners and energy engineers can deliver superior value for their stakeholders.

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Our mission

nClarity’s mission is to lead the mechanical industry’s transition to AI-Driven Predictive Maintenance. At the core of our mission is the HVAC technician. Their ability to use data in daily operations will determine the speed at which this transformation takes place.

Our team is a unique blend of industry veterans and technologists that have been delivering analytics based solutions in the built environment for the past decade. We believe that making data accessible and usable at scale will unleash its inherent value to teams and organizations.

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We're hiring people who want to make a difference in the service provider and building industry. Our approach is to disrupt common, everyday thinking with fresh ideas that create business value.


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