HVAC Service Growth and Profitability is Under Pressure

We don't have to tell you that finding experienced technicians is challenging. And while we can develop and train young technicians, this takes valuable time.

This is putting tremendous strain on service organizations and their ability to grow. The challenge is how to increase productivity while simultaneously developing the younger labor force.

At the same time, repair costs are increasing, competition is impacting retention rates, and customers are always expecting more. Service, by nature, is invisible—making it difficult to convey the value you deliver.

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Traditional Methods Won't Solve the Problem

  • Using truck rolls to control risk on critical accounts is inefficient, costly and eats up scarce labor capacity
  • Inability to diagnose trouble calls with precision leads to wasted technician time, trial and error, call backs and frustrated customers

  • Supervisors and "A" technicians are overwhelmed, undermining their ability to develop younger technicians
  • Limited PM Audits by supervisors lead to poor PM standards
  • All this puts tremendous pressure on Contract GP, Profitability Services Revenue Growth

AI-Driven Predictive Maintenance Changes the Game


Expand Service Team Capacity and Precision Using Virtual Services

Virtual Inspections-1

Virtual Inspections

Scheduled Virtual tech reviews reveal hidden issues that are difficult to identify during onsite service visits.


Virtual PM-1

Virtual Pre-PM

Know which machines to focus on before you head to each site

Virtual Pre-PM-1

Building Insights

Auto-generated alerts enable remote precise diagnosis prior to any dispatch

Virtual QA-1

Automated Virtual QA

Ensure PM standards are being met after every job

Read "How to Turn Building Data into Business Value" for Contractors

Combining realtime RTU data with AI-Based analytics enables the formation of a whole new service discipline, Virtual Services. These new services expand the capacity of service teams by using precise remote diagnostics to eliminate guesswork, mistakes and wasted trips to sites. Continuous, 7X24 hour monitoring provides constant machine inspection as the ultimate backstop, identifying potential issues before systems fail.


Jim Crowder, CEO nClarity

Financial Benefits

Workforce Optimization

  • Increased revenue per technician
  • Higher productivity from junior technicians
  • Increased reach and capacity of experienced technicians and supervisors


  • Improved contract GP performance
  • Improved retention rates with existing contracts from documented improvements in level and quality of service
  • Enhanced risk management across all contracts

Contract Performance & Customer Satisfaction

  • Improved retention rates with existing contracts
  • Enhanced risk management across all contracts
  • A differentiated service model helps sales teams drive new business

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