Access to Real Time Data Generates Actionable Insights For All Stakeholders


RTU Data Collection

Our patented system collects real-time operating data and creates actionable insights as they happen.

24x7 RTU Data Collection Web and Mobile Accessible • Cellular Connection to the Cloud • One-minute interval data
Key Parameters Return, Supply, Outside Air Temps & RH • kW, Amps, Volts, and PF • Refrigerant Temp and Pressures
Building and RTU Profiles Building & Equipment Profiles • Equipment Nameplate Data • System Configurations
Identifies Machine State Calls for Heat, Cool, and Fan • Reversing Valve Position

We Virtualize Each Machine in the Cloud For Immediate Access

Analytics Engine Analytics Engine transforms data into actionable insights, and Actionable Insights inform teams of operational and performance issues.
Digital Library Digital library stores machine performance characteristics that become smarter over time.
Advanced Analytics Advanced Analytics learns RTU operating patterns, trends, and anomalies over time and compares RTU performance vs. industry benchmarks.
Service Ops Service Ops machine learning gathers tech feedback to constantly improve Actionable Insights.

Virtual Services Enable Service Providers to Expand Service Team Capacity

Virtual Technicians Extend the reach of your senior service technicians across your service teams, no matter where they are.
Virtual Pre-PMs Know before you head to each site. Identify RTU issues and performance patterns quickly. Know which machines to focus on and why.
Know Before You Go Remote real time access to RTU data drives precise trouble call diagnosis. Qualifies need for dispatch and prepares tech.
Schedule Proactive Virtual Inspections Deep reviews using virtual techs reveal hidden issues that are difficult to identify during on-site service visits.
Automated Virtual QA Incorporate virtual QA as part of every job to ensure PM standards are being met.

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