Every team member can see exactly what's happening on the rooftop.

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Pulse Front

nClarity Pulse Sensing Unit

  • Monitors RTU health on the rooftop
  • Captures 24x7 real-time performance data
  • Measures air temps, RH, liquid pressures, & power
  • Up to 4 separate HVAC circuits per machine

Service Manager / Virtual Tech Dashboard

  • View real-time and historical performance charts
  • Observe EER, kW, and efficiency. See Insights into machine operating characteristics
  • Warns of potential concerns and compressor failures
  • See the same information a tech sees on-site
desktop and mobile
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Service Manager / Technician Mobile App

  • View real-time machine performance data
  • Displays cloud analytics and machine history
  • Measurement and verification analytics available instantly

Dispatcher Dashboard

  • Summary view of service areas and building locations
  • Quickly observe units needing attention
  • Escalate machine snapshots to virtual techs or field techs for resolution
  • Schedule predictive service before customers detect issues
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