Transforming Building Data into Business Value

I’d like to announce our latest venture, nClarity LLC! Our new venture integrates the IP, technology and leadership of BuildingAdvice with groundbreaking IoT monitoring technology invented and patented by North Park Innovations Group. 


nClarity’s mission, simply, is to Transform Building Data into Business Value in the mechanical service industry. Our channels to market are mechanical service providers, utilities and their providers, and teams providing facility and property management services to owners. 


And we are attacking a woefully underserved market, servicing existing RTUs. We all have experienced the headaches and chaos emanating from poorly sized, designed, installed and maintained equipment. That’s the problem we want to solve. Using real time RTU data we can help Service Operations get out in front of potential problems and prevent the continuous disruptions service teams face. 


Our solution is an IoT platform that is permanently mounted on RTUs to enable real-time, continuous monitoring and remote, mobile access. IoT based sensors continuously collect performance data, push data via our private cellular network to the Cloud, run proprietary analytics on the data and generate Building Insights that inform and alert Service Operations. It’s like having A Techs on your equipment 7X24 without the labor costs.


We are enabling the industry to migrate to a simple, practical, affordable Predictive Service Model. Moving to a predictive model with real time data drives team collaboration and productivity and ultimately improves gross profits. Let’s face it, preventing failures, wasted truck rolls and inefficient call backs drives service operations efficiency and profitability. 


We formed the company almost 14 months ago and have been flying under the radar working out the technology challenges and adapting the nClarity Platform to the specific needs of Mechanical Service Operations.  Our pilots are now completed with over a dozen companies participating and approximately 150 units reporting from the field; we are adding new buildings weekly.


We hope you will join us on our journey.  We want to create a space that allows service teams to collaborate as we digitize service delivery.  We will strive to share via the blog best practices, case studies, surveys, research and data to drive the changes our industry needs to make to meet the demands in front of us.

Click below to view the nClarity White Paper on Sustainable Service Income Growth. 

The white paper covers several topics, including:

- The brewing issues in the mechanical service industry that could affect service income growth
- Three key strategies for service income growth in 2023 and beyond
- The single largest operating cost in a contractor organization, and how to attack it
- How a predictive service platform works