Leading the Transition to AI-Driven Predictive Maintenance

Transforming Building Data Into Business Value

Transform Service Delivery

nClarity enables new AI-Driven service delivery models that leverage real time building data predicting sources of failure and intelligently prioritizing responses that prevent costly disruptions to owners, occupants and service operations.

Optimize Workforce Productivity

Virtual team-wide access to real time data fosters deep collaboration across Service Ops driving team efficiency. Virtual Services enable highly efficient remote inspections and diagnostics and extend senior resources across more machines with fewer on site visits.

Generate Measurable Business Value

From productivity driven reductions in operating costs to extending equipment life, migrating to Predictive models will generate measurable business value for all stakeholders. Service providers, Building Operators and owners using Virtual Service models will realize financial and strategic benefits.

For years I have been looking for ways to modernize our service delivery model to drive growth and profitability. I needed a simple, practical, affordable way of collecting, and most importantly, converting building data into tech-friendly actionable information.


— Dan DeRose President Mazza Mechanical, Buffalo NY

Mechanical Contractors

Mechanical Contractors

Using a tightly integrated AI-Driven Predictive Maintenance platform, contractors are able to more efficiently and intelligently deliver services leading to higher workforce productivity, increased contract GP, higher renewal rates and service income growth.

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Mechanical Contractors

Midsized Commercial/ Industrial Buildings

Midsized Commercial/Industrial Buildings

Combining real-time RTU building data with AI-based analytics predicts and minimizes disruptions leading to improved building performance at lower operating and capital costs and a smaller carbon footprint while improving occupant comfort, health and safety.

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Utilities/ Energy Engineers

Utilities/Energy Engineers

Utilities and Energy Engineers can now attack a sizable unserved market of small-medium sized commercial facilities with affordable, scalable programs that measurably reduce energy consumption leading to reductions in building operating costs and carbon footprints.

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nClarity's Patented Technology Platform

RTU Monitoring

Real-time RTU Monitoring

Sensors collect critical operational parameters and machine state 7x24 hours. One-minute interval data is remotely accessible by web and proprietary mobile applications.



Cloud-Based AI-Driven Analytics

Cloud-based analytics engines and AI/ML libraries evaluate patterns, trends, and anomalies to automatically call out performance degradation and potential sources/causes of failures. Generates practical tech-friendly actionable insights for Service Operations teams.


Insights that Transform Data into Operations Value

Insights are routed to web-accessible dashboards customized to Service Ops roles enabling collaboration in formulating the team's plan of attack. Remote RTU access enables escalation to senior staff and further evaluation. Proactive Virtual Services Suite precisely scope scheduled PMs, Inspections, Audits to optimize time on site.

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25 %

Reduction in Service Delivery Cost

50 %

Improvement in Response Time. See potential problems before breakdowns occur

90 %

Reduction in rework. Verify Performance Right on the Rooftop

Measurable, Bottom Line Impact on Operating Costs Performance that Drives Value

Building Data, Analytics, and Insights combined that measurably improve building performance for all stakeholders.